Are Naturalista’s Too Hair Sensitive?

A great article on the constant “Can I touch your hair?” debate.
I’m not a fan of the pulling, grabbing, and messing up my style (personally), but for some strange reason, there is still a fascination of Black women’s hair and the desire to “touch” it as though it would bring some insight to another dimension.
Why is this still a question that so many of us get?
What would you do?

Are Naturalista’s Too Hair Sensitive? was originally published on Creative Naturalista Joseph

Honoring Our HAIRitage

dont_touch_my_hair_by_curlsclub-d77uqlc @adorkableaffiliation

Random Person: “Oh, my God!  Your hair is so AWESOME!

Jane: “Thanks so much!”

Random Person: “Can I touch it?” (Hands reaching out)

Jane: “Whaaaaat?” (Looks with piercing side-eye while tilting my head away)

After going natural 3 years ago, I expected many things to change in my life.  I knew there would be both hard times and enjoyable experiences.  I knew I might be surprised by what my real, unaltered hair actually looked like.  I knew I would have to buy different hair products and start to take care of my hair differently.  I had no idea however, that so many strange people would want to touch my hair!

This has by far been the most shocking thing that has come with being natural.  That’s right, I’ve had no problem giving up relaxers, I have enjoyed getting to know my hair again, and I have laughed through those bad hair days. …

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